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DIRECTOR’S REEL – View clips from wide-ranging projects filmmaker Nefertite Nguvu has written, produced and/or directed: narrative, episodic (Television), documentary and commercial brand stories; as well as scenes from her feature film debut, In The Morning.

A special look at the making of BET’s Lauryn Hill Ex Factor inspired Tales episode directed by Nefertite Nguvu.

TALES BET’s Original Series ‘Ex-Factor’ – Official Trailer
Powerful female architect Billie is caught up in a love triangle between her soul mate, Micah, and her husband, David, and she is forced to make a decision about whom to be with. Directed by Nefertite Nguvu from a script written by Leah Benavides, the episode stars Tyler Lepley, Kj Smith, Amin Joseph, Kaye Singleton, Chase Alexander Jackson, Jaidi Ventura and C.J. Lindsey. This episode originally aired on BET 8/27 and is available on demand.

MYSELF WHEN I AM REAL – Narrative Short Film Teaser
Displayed through a series of vignettes: connected memories and dreams, ‘Myself When I Am Real’ explores the psychic terrain of two people struggling to rebuild a marriage, marred after tragedy strikes. Ruminations on trauma, memory, survival, alienation, depression and ultimately resilience are intertwined in this story about the fragility and complexity of human relationships. Written and directed by Nefertite Nguvu, starring Jacky Ido and JoNell Kennedy, the film screened at numerous festivals and won The Paul Robeson Award for Best Short Film at the Newark Black Film Festival.

THE LAST TWO LOVERS AT THE END OF THE WORLD – Trailer, a dramatic short film written/directed by Nefertite Nguvu

A future-set, New Year’s Eve wild night’s journey that follows two young lovers as they try to survive the end of the world. On New Year’s Eve of 2029, a six-mile wide asteroid is headed for Earth and set to wipe out humanity and the repressive society that now plagues Los Angeles. One young couple aims to survive this catastrophic event together while simultaneously transforming their civilization into the utopia they desire.

UNDERDOG DTH X Alicia Keys – Branded Content
Everybody Rise Up! 15-time Grammy music icon and New Yorker Alicia Keys, shared her song UNDERDOG, from her critically-acclaimed album ALICIA, with the talented Dance Theater of Harlem (DTH) company members earlier this year. Using Keys’ anthem, DTH created a hopeful, artistic video, directed by Nefertite Nguvu, meant to inspire and shed light on these current times.

Nefertite Nguvu tells the story of how Charles Burnett profoundly inspired her own film-making journey.

Director Charles Burnett’s hauntingly beautiful college thesis, “Killer of Sheep,” established Burnett as an essential voice and changed the game for Black filmmakers.

Nefertite Nguvu’s Director profile for the short film “The Last Two Lovers At The End Of The World.” Part of AT&T Hello Lab’s inaugural mentorship program.

NEWARK: ART FOR THE PEOPLE – Short Documentary Directed/Produced by Nefertite Nguvu.

This short documentary brings the city of Newark into focus and highlights the ongoing citywide mural project. While utilizing art as a tool for hope, love and belief in community it also illuminates the voices of the powerful artists and activists helping to revitalize Newark.

BLACK AMERICA AGAIN: HARRY BELAFONTE – Docu-Series Directed by Nefertite Nguvu.
Academy Award Winner, Rapper/Actor Common’s 2016 album “Black America Again” inspires a conversation about the artist’s role in provoking social change, featuring the iconic Actor/Activist Harry Belafonte.
For other conversations in this series visit:  http://theundefeated.com/tag/the-undefeated-in-depth/#video

BLACK AMERICA AGAIN: LORNA SIMPSON – Docu-Series Directed by Nefertite Nguvu
Academy Award Winner, Rapper/Actor Common and noted visual artist Lorna Simpson discuss Ms. Simpson’s new body of work, her process as an artist, and their collaboration for BLACK AMERICA AGAIN’s album artwork.
For other conversations in this series visit:  http://theundefeated.com/tag/the-undefeated-in-depth/#video

LOVE STAR – Short Documentary
Presented by Academy Award Winner, Rapper/Actor Common and directed by Nefertite Nguvu. Love Star is a sonic and visual ode to Black women and love, capturing striking portraits, intimate interviews, live performances and revealing moments with Common in New Orleans at the Essence Music Festival.  

Set in Brooklyn,
In The Morning is Nefertite Nguvu’s debut feature film about love and its inevitable change/decline. It charts the emotional anatomy of the lives, loves, infidelities, and enduring friendships of a group of nine smart, fiercely articulate, inter-connected New Yorkers over the course of one day.

IN THE MORNING – Trailer 2.0 released to celebrate the April 2017 Video On Demand launch of the film online via Amazon, Vimeo, Comcast Xfinity, VHX.

IN THE MORNING ‘B-Side’ Teaser – take a closer look at the visual and emotional world of In The Morning.
Note from our cinematographer Arthur Jafa: 
“For me, In The Morning is about those moments in life when the split, between what you know and what you feel, is, fundamentally, irreconcilable. And if one takes this most human of experiences (love), and places it in the context of the “perpetual post trauma” that defines black life, one has now entered a very specific corner of heaven and hell.”

Nefertite Nguvu, in her own words – Interview for ARISE Entertainment 360, hosted by Lola Ogunnaike and Shannon LaNier, discussing her feature film debut “In The Morning”. Based in New York City, ARISE Entertainment 360 spotlights the top news stories in entertainment, arts & culture relevant to North America and the Caribbean.